Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 2014 results

The Transparency Project results for the June 2014 primary track the elections office results quite closely.

113,470 single side images were scanned from the cast ballots provided by the elections office.

Of these, all but 41 images were accepted by TEVS.  Without manually adding in these images, and without manually checking TEVS best guesses as to how to award overvotes, we have the following:

Measure N 951 yes to 797 no in the county's results; 951 to 798 in the TEVS results.

Measure M 244 yes to 127 no in both county and TEVS results.

District 4 Supervisor, county 2821 Bass to 2587 Kerrigan with 13 writeins; TEVS 2821 Bass to 2583 Kerrigan with 13 writeins.

District 5 Supervisor,county 3465 Sundberg to 2239 LaTour with 16 writeins; TEVS 3456 Sundberg to 2224 LaTour with 15 writeins.  (My suspicion is that county elections workers were able to identify and award various voter-corrected ballots that TEVS left as overvotes, simply seeing two dark marks but not understanding any cross-outs or pointing arrows.)

DA:  County count, then ETP
Dollison: 2154 vs. 2157
Klein 1396 vs. 1391
Firpo 7454 vs. 7420
Fleming 16487 vs. 16450
Write-in 51 vs. 53

As with the District 4 race, the discrepancies in the DA race are likely due to voter-corrected ballots where TEVS saw that two positions had been marked but where county workers saw corrections marked on the ballots and awarded votes.

If anyone were to want to invest further time, they could manually inspect each overvoted ballot and each vote TEVS rated as uncertain, and add in the votes on the 41 images not automatically processed, to get more exact figures from the data available to the transparency project.  However, these results track the county results closely enough in the close races that I see no need to go to that level of detail.