Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preliminary Results, Nov 2011 Elections

Given the dismal 22% turnout, there were only 12,269 ballots for the Transparency Project to scan. We began with 3.5 hours of scanning on Veteran's Day, and then 3 shifts this week totaling 11 more hours.

I ran the scans through TEVS yesterday and have manually counted the (fewer than 10) ballot scans it rejected. I also checked for votes on about 40 ballot images when a vote region was indicated as just a smidgen above the darkness cutoff. The results are still missing for one ballot, where we mistakenly scanned the blank reverse. That ballot will have to be retrieved from the County's ballot storage.

The results compare well with the Final Unofficial Results posted at the County web site.

I'll point to a spreadsheet once I've been able to check the results more thoroughly, but here
are screen shots of the spreadsheet in its current form. The write-in results are incomplete, due to my mistake, but the other results are mostly within 1 of the Final Unofficial Results, with a couple off by 2.

Note that some candidates have more than one line, where optical character recognition generated multiple versions of their name and I did not merge them (many such variants have already been merged in software -- the ones that show are the ones I missed).