Saturday, June 13, 2009

May 19 ballot images now online

Lower resolution ballot image "montages" are available now at . Zip files of the original scan collection will be available on higher bandwidth sites sometime soon, or you can purchase a DVD from Humboldt County's elections office.

There are 26,040 ballot images (a few of which represent accidentally scanned ballot backs) in 260 montage files.

Although the ballot count was approximately 22,000 in Humboldt's election night final report, the final count includes approximately 4,000 additional ballots, mostly vote-by-mail ballots that came in close to election day but were not counted by election day.

We've already performed a preliminary count of these images via Ballot Browser, and the preliminary Ballot Browser vote percentages match the current election office results to well within a tenth of a percent. We are now going over the approximately 150 images that Ballot Browser kicked out for manual inspection, and will present complete independent counts within a few days.

Less drama this time, huh?