Monday, December 15, 2008

November 2008 Ballot Images are Online

The Transparency Project's scanned images of Humboldt County's November 2008 ballots are now available online. Thank you to Streamguys, especially Jonathan Speaker and Andy Jones, for helping us get the bits out of our beautiful low-bandwidth region. And thank you to EARC for offering the hosting space.

The UC Berkeley Election Administration Research Center is hosting the images in collection form, as a series of approximately one gig files and accompanying GPG signatures. The site is momentarily password protected; if it is still password protected when you read this, we've been given permission to give the case-sensitive user/password combination of "download/Down2disc".

The ballots will also be hosted as individual images (and perhaps as collections as well) at Parke Bostrom's ETP site.

We expect the ballots to become available at other sites as well.

The latest version of Ballot Browser software is also available. This location will point to updates as they appear.